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About Us


Who We Are

I am ZSOFI SAMU, a Hungarian born visual/textile artists living and working in Melbourne. I interpret my concepts into a fusion of fibre, wire, and mixed media artworks. In 2016 I paired up with RICCARDO ARMILLEI to embark on a new venture, jewellery making. Riccardo is an Italian social scientist and activist with a strong talent for anything creative, inc sculpting, and leather craft. 

Our emotional connection to nature and wilderness has been the main inspiration for our craft. We combine stone, wood, metal and threads to hand craft our unique pieces. We interpret the shapes, colours and forms found in nature into wearable art. We named our collaboration ARTMADERY. 


How We Started

We both had remnants of materials that accumulated during creating our own artworks. Riccardo had pieces of stone from carving his sculptures, and Zsofia had bundles of threads and wire from weaving. Our first collection was a series of stone pendants and small earrings wrapped in threads and wire. As the next step, we wanted to create larger earrings, but stone would have been too heavy to wear. We had another idea. We collected fallen tree branches from the streets in our neighbourhood and sliced them into disks. This is how our signature hoop earrings were born. 


Why Choose Our Jewellery

- every piece is designed and hand crafted by us

- every piece is one of a kind, as we only make one of each design or colour combination! 

- they are sold in a frame – like a PIECE OF ART. When you are not wearing them, you can put them on display

- they are sustainable and environmentally friendly (salvaged timber, mixed threads, copper wire, rose gold filled hard wear)

- we are passionate about making them. They are a true labour of love!